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We follow ‘Montessori Methodology’ combined with ‘Thematic Learning’. New themes are introduced every month. Thematic learning is an instructional form focusing on using a particular theme to teach one or more concepts.

In Montessori curriculum, children learn through presentations given by the teacher using the materials and through observation. All lessons are presented linearly and sequentially, and your child will progress to the next step after mastering the previous activity.

The curriculum at iGrow Montessori emphasizes self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play. We believe in and encourage independent learning with age-appropriate activities. It motivates the child and helps them to be resilient in overcoming challenges and to become excellent time managers. Group activities are also a part of our everyday routine. It helps the child to socialize and learn about teamwork, sharing, and compromising with others. Circle time is conducted almost every day. This is a great time for children to gather, learn, and share information. It allows your child to speak up in a group, get motivated to share their thoughts and develop their listening skills. Teachers usually revisit the same theme or materials to a complex level to help the child gain in-depth knowledge on a particular topic. Art and Music are also a part of our curriculum. Children may participate in other extra-curricular activities like ballet, yoga, and soccer.