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Our bright and clean Montessori classrooms are aesthetically and purposefully designed to provide a calm environment with inspiring materials arranged to meet the developmental needs of your child. The classroom is organized and prepared with specially designed Montessori materials that help a child develop concentration and understanding of concepts in depth and have defined space for each area of the curriculum. The five main areas are Practical life skills, Sensorial activities, Mathematics, Language, and Cultural Studies. Each area is organized with materials on shelves arranged in order – from simple to complex. When you walk into our classroom, you may see a cozy corner for your child to read a book, child-size tables and chairs to work, large rugs for peer interaction, kitchen tools to develop his motor skills, and above all, a large space to move around freely and explore the corners of the classroom and to make him feel at home.

Structure and order are core to our classroom arrangement. Children, even as young as infants, love the sense of order. Children feel secure and safe in an orderly environment, and it helps in building a child’s confidence and developing a positive attitude towards school. Order in the environment means organizing the materials in a certain order. When materials are always kept in the place assigned for them, a child can pick up the material, work with it, and return it in its place. With the independence and freedom to choose his work, a child can repeat an activity and master it. Hence, we give extreme importance to maintaining order in our classrooms.