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Babies are ready for the Toddler classroom when they have completed 12 months, able to walk independently, are free of the bottle, and take one nap a day.

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Toddler Program (12 months – 23 months)

Toddler A-12 months-18 months

Toddler B- 18 months-23 months

Our toddler program aids children from the age group 12 months to 23 months. Everything in the classroom is proportionate to the child’s size and is designed to be safe and aesthetically pleasing for children. Our goal for the toddlers is to capture their interest and cater to the need for order, movement, and language. The environment is prepared to invite the child to participate in various activities:

Practical Life activities form the core of this program when children experience the effects of their actions on the environment by exploring their surroundings.

Sensorial activities are introduced to help the child develop visual discrimination of differences in dimension, width, length, and size. Children are also introduced to various sounds, smells, textures, and tastes. Upon mastering these sensorial activities, the child’s sense of perception will get structured, and the child will be able to comprehend abstract concepts.

Language activities help the child to progress and understand that a word is an abstract representation of an object. Children be able to express their feelings in well-formed sentences and will develop the powers of communication and expression.

Math materials assist the child in discovering and understanding mathematical and geometrical concepts. Children who have experienced basic concepts involved with practical life and sensorial materials progress naturally to the beginning of math activities.

Art and Music activities help a child to express creativity and to enhance fine motor skills.

  • Our toddlers are hands-on with the above areas and activities:
  • Allow the repetition of exercises
  • Aid development of concentration
  • Offer fine and gross motor development opportunities
  • Assist refinement of movement
  • Facilitate independence
  • Prepares them for reading, writing, and math

Children learn by observing the teacher. We feel it is important to model respect with each other and materials to improve the ability to share and take turns. Our prepared environment allows the children a positive experience, and we enjoy being a part of their growth.