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Our experienced teachers not only have precise knowledge about the materials and guide the children to use them correctly, but they also have the insights to provide the right materials to the child at the right time. As an observer, our teachers watch the children while they work, allow them to learn from their discoveries, and actively engage them in their learning process. Teachers insist that children should be given the freedom to carry out their work in their environment because it helps them to nourish their minds and develop an independent mind, and makes them capable of forming their judgments and making their own choices. The teacher never disturbs a working child because “a touch can make it vanish again, like a soap bubble, and with it goes all the beauty of the moment.” (The Absorbent Mind, Dr. Maria Montessori). As a facilitator, a teacher provides an uninterrupted space for the child to work in the environment as they believe that once a child’s interest is awakened they start concentrating and repeating their exercises and finally master the concepts.